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trends and challenges that will shape the future of our showjumping

Making the impossible an everyday reality is what we’re getting used to as the spread of software and AI progressively permeates our reality. While the horse world seems still analogic and far removed from the latest developments, many roads have already iopened to inregrate these apparently polarized realities. The outcome is not given yet but the potential is limitless from performance analysis to VR simulation for training.Showjumping may continue to attract participants from a broader range of countries, making competitions more diverse and competitive.The establishment or growth of international showjumping leagues, fostering local and international level will increase global competition non only among riders alone but within leagues too, providing more opportunities for riders worldwide.Keep it Fresh through challenging and Creative Courses: focus on creating innovative, and visually appealing arenas, courses and fences to engage both riders and spectators. Introduction of new types of obstacles with integrated cameras to offer perfect scoring and unique point of Behind-the-scenes aspects of equestrian life, including the daily routines of riders and the care involved in maintaining horses. Sharing candid photos and videos of barn life, training sessions, and grooming routines can help humanize the equestrian experience and connect with followers on a more personal level.Not only showcasing their riding skills, training techniques,and achievements in competitions but also postin upcoming events, competitions, and clinics they are taking part in Sharing event details, photos, and videos can help generate excitement and attract participants and spectators.Technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning may play a role in analyzing large datasets related to horse genetics, performance, and health. These tools can provide valuable insights to breeders and help optimize breeding strategies for producing successful jumping Technologies like embryo transfer and IVF can allow breeders to produce multiple offspring from top-performing mares and stallions without compromising their competition schedules. This can accelerate the genetic progress within the sport by increasing the number of offspring from elite bloodlines. This creates more opportunity and time to analyze performance data from horses and their offspring. By identifying patterns and correlations between specific traits and jumping success, breeders can make more informed decisions when selecting breeding pairs.

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